Thursday, October 23, 2014

Merry Goes Round

No doubt Jake loves the musical Carousel

We love seeing him film on a carousel  if bring such sweet smiles as he has here.

 Jake was on Coney Island and back to filming Demolition.

It's a now a race to finish filming and promote Nightcrawler

MediaCrawler Tour:

Oct 24  Good Morning America  ABC  8:30 am EDT

Oct 29 The Ellen Degeneres Show,  check local listings for time and channel

Oct 30: Conan  TBS,  11:00pm

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dating him

Here's a twist on dating Jake.

New photos from Variety show Jake like this:

In pictures from Sunday night's screening Jake looked like this.

It is obvious that those Variety pictures were taken early,  with Jake looking a bit healthier, more robust and back to himself in the new pictures from the screening.

The green trousers can't work this time.

MediaCrawler Tour:

Oct 29 The Ellen Degeneres Show,  check local listings for time and channel

Oct 30: Conan  TBS,  11:00pm

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Legs Inc.

Top Ten Captions

10. You're hungry Jake eat a Snickers before another dummy gets hit.

9. Ok, 4 car crashes down,  now the creepy house scenes and we almost done.

8. Don't worry Jake. His legs crossed at the knees is not sending some not so straight  subliminal message.

7. Jake,  of course your thighs are thinner than the fake dummy legs under the car.

6. Act like you know nothing, no one will notice.

5. We don't need animatronic legs, we can do that in post.

4. I know as a producer you're looking to keep costs down .   But Jake I don't think we can return them and get the money back, they'll notice the tire marks.

3. Don't knock the shoes they look better than those scuffy boots you pull out for the red carpet.

2. Sorry Austin's called dibs on the legs Dan.  He has some plans for an Instagram picture.

And the #1 caption is:

I can't remember if Harvey is using this picture for his holiday cards to the competing studio heads or as reminder to the voters for the award campaign.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Big Screen Little Screen

There hasn't been much of Jake promoting Nightcrawler on the small screen yet with just less than two weeks till it's opening weekend, but Nightcrawler is doing a load of screenings on the big screen.

On Sunday night, there was a special screening of the movie at the Crosby St Hotel in New York City.

Jake was joined by the one of his fellow producers Tony Gilroy, who is the brother of writer/director Dan Gilroy.

Last week Nightcrawler had a screening in LA and was joined by co-star Rene Ruso and their director (and her husband) Dan Gilroy

Where Jake also met up with old friend Busy.

It will be interesting to see if Jake does do some more small screen time in the next ten days, or not. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is an American lawyer, journalist and author. Today's Out Spotlight is Glenn Greenwald.

Glenn Edward Greenwald was born in March 6, 1967, New York, New York and raised in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, where his grandfather was a city councilman.

Greenwald’s youthful ambition was politics. He became the first teenager on the county parks and recreation board. While a senior in high school, at 17, he ran unsuccessfully for the city council. After graduating from high school, Greenwald enrolled in George Washington University where he majored in philosophy. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1990.

He then attended the New York University School of Law earning a Juris Doctor in 1994. His debate skills helped secure him a job at a prominent law firm that represented rich and powerful clients. Dissatisfied with the work, he came out as a gay man and began his own law firm. Greenwald believed that as social outcasts, gay people tend to be more willing to challenge authority.

In 2005 Greenwald launched a blog, Unclaimed Territory. He focused on unbridled government surveillance versus first-amendment rights. In 2006 he published “How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok,” which became a New York Times best seller.  Four of the five books he has written have been on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

He gained notoriety for providing the international media with classified National Security Agency (NSA) documents illegally obtained by Edward Snowden.
 In June 2013 Greenwald became widely known after The Guardian published the first of a series of reports detailing United States and British global surveillance programs, based on classified documents disclosed by Edward Snowden. The disclosure exposed controversial U.S. government surveillance activities.

The series on which Greenwald worked, along with others, won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

When the United States soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning) was arrested for stealing secret government documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and disseminating them to WikiLeaks, Greenwald came to Manning’s defense.  He characterized Manning’s intentions as “politically insightful, astute and thoughtful.”

Greenwald published an article praising President Obama for his support of same-sex marriage. For Greenwald the matter was personal. In 2005 he left the United States to pursue a relationship with a Brazilian man, David Miranda. Of Obama’s endorsement Greenwald stated, “It is a powerful message to gay youth that their sexual orientation is neither a flaw nor an abnormality.”

 In February 2014 he became, along with Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill, one of the founding editors of The Intercept. Greenwald was named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2013.

“Gay issues are about the same fundamental issues as other civil liberties questions—the rights of the individual.”

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hunger Gains

Louis Bloom is hungry and on the hunt.

First hungry for the job

Then hungry for stories for the job he made.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Food, Inc(luded)

Almost time to head down to Texas for the . BBQ, Queso, Mexican Martinis and great films. Paradise. - AUS10
This Texan loves his food.  Taco trucks, sushi, BBQ, a cardiac concerning love of Queso, an ice cream addiction, In -n -Out burgers, Sunday night dinners at Jar, Mozza, his love of the Big Boy, not to mention his self professed "excitement" in Whole Foods,  cooking three big chickens with Jake, Austin loves food.  He's talked about some of his favorite places in LA,  and in Wilmington.

But this man does not live by food alone, especially when your name and alias are both liquors.   Beer, Mexican Martinis, blood-orange juice at Ammo, the Ron Burgundy, tequilas, free bars at industry events, Austin knows "hydration" is key too. 

Guess it's a miraculous coincidence how Jake to be a self professed home chef