Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to the Hat

Back to School wouldn't be complete with a backpack and while some might go straight to Jake and his love his big black backpack, this time it's all about Big Tex
on an off screen.

 Not sure if the backpack is really giving you that cool factor.

You might just be better off with a man bag.

It's an over the shoulder messenger bag, and pleaasse... I totally pull off both.

 Well the guy is all about accessories. 

Now hats? That's debatable.

Still waiting to see the picture of that pink one buddy.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Sentimental

The recent pictures from the farmers market in West Tisbury were a reminder of the tradition of summers on The Vineyard for Jake.

So as this last "unofficial" week is wra
pping up, OMG can't help but look back at Jake at the Cape.

And we're off....

A fixture at the Farmers market

Snack run at The Chilmark Store

Another year of the Chilmark Road Race

Helping at Beach Plum

Green pants alert

 OMG's first post was a MV/Chilmark one too.

And we can't forget how OMG got word of Jake flying off island later in the same day after Austin's early morning run in with the Jackson MI police.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a British writer, broadcaster and activist. Today's Out Spotlight is Jeanette Winterston, OBE.

Jeanette Winterson was born August 27, 1959 in Manchester England and was adopted by Constance and John William Winterson on January 21, 1960. She grew up in Accrington, Lancashire, and was raised in the Elim Pentecostal Church. Intending to become a Pentecostal Christian missionary, she began evangelising and writing sermons at age six.

By the age of 16, Winterson had identified herself as a lesbian and left home. She soon after attended Accrington and Rossendale College, and supported herself at a variety of odd jobs while at St Catherine's College, Oxford studying English.

After graduating, she moved to London, and her first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, won the 1985 Whitbread Prize for a First Novel, and was adapted for television by Winterson in 1990. In turn the show won the BAFTA Award for Best Drama.

She won the 1987 John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for The Passion, a novel set in Napoleonic Europe.

Winterston has authored over 20 books, including fiction, graphic novels, children's books, collections of short stories and a memoir, as well as adapting her work for stage and screen.

Her subsequent novels explore the boundaries of physicality and the imagination, gender polarities, and sexual identities, and have won several literary awards. Her stage adaptation of The PowerBook in 2002 opened at the Royal National Theatre, London. She also bought a derelict terraced house in Spitalfields, East London, which she refurbished into a flat as a pied-à-terre and a ground-floor shop, Verde's, to sell organic food.

In 2009, she donated her short story Dog Days to Oxfam's Ox-Tales project comprising four collections of UK stories written by 38 authors. Her story was published in the Fire collection. She also supported the relaunch of the Bush Theatre in London's Shepherd's Bush. She wrote and performed work for the Sixty Six project, based on a chapter of the King James Bible, along with other novelists and poets including Paul Muldoon, Carol Ann Duffy, Anne Michaels and Catherine Tate.

Her 2012 novella, The Daylight Gate, based on the 1612 Pendle Witch Trials, was published on the 400th anniversary of the trials. The novella's main character, Alice Nutter, is based on the real-life woman of the same name.

In 2012, she succeeded Colm Tóibín as professor of creative writing at the University of Manchester.

Winterson was made an officer of Order of the British Empire (OBE) at the 2006 New Year Honours "For services to literature".

Winterston is a two-time winner of the Lambda Literary Awards. Her book, Written on the Body, won in the category of Lesbian Fiction in 1994, and Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? won in the category of Lesbian Memoir or Biography in 2013. Additionally, her book Sexing the Cherry won the 1989 E. M. Forster Award.

Since coming out as a lesbian at the age of 16, Winterson has had a number of significant relationships. Her 1987 novel The Passion was inspired by her affair with Pat Kavanagh, her literary agent.

 From 1990 to 2002, Winterson was involved with BBC radio broadcaster and academic Peggy Reynolds. Since their relationship ended, Winterson has been involved with theatre director Deborah Warner and therapist Susie Orbach.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

To market, to market

Pictures of Jake back at the West Tisbury Farmers Market on Martha's Vineyard popped up with a barefoot shopping and chatting.

With President Obama on the Vineyard for his summer vacation at the moment, you wonder why Jake would want to deal with that circus.

But then again it is the end of summer, and the Vineyard is a part of Jake's summer traditions so you can see why he would want to head back before the season is over.

And then again it might be good place for hiding in plain sight if everyone is on Obama Watch few if any would be tracking Jake there.

Because you know,  a guy just wants some time to kick back and grab some melons sometimes.
 Did you expect him to grab something else?

Friday, August 22, 2014


A little different red carpet pic from the big guy.

Between Oceana's event and Shark Week, OMG couldn't resist a special Top Ten for Austin and Austin Friday

Top Ten Things Austin Might have said on the Big Blue Carpet.

10. "This is my best red carpet set up date ever."

9.   "Hey do you think I can borrow this?  It would be a hit with the kids"

8. "That scent. Is that Kramer's  The Beach cologne?  Or Calvin Klein's Ocean?"

7.   "Thanks Sharkman,  you make my fivehead look smaller"

6.  "So they let you stop sending out tweets tonight, but had to suit up instead? So glad I never had to intern"

5.  "Oh, no I've fallen for that Jabberjaw story before....and it ended up with cops in a parking garage and him calling his manager to get us out of trouble."

4.  " Hey, we're two things that Hollywood thinks scares the public.. sharks and a...  'curvy' man."

3. " Is that a shark fin on your back are your just happy to see me"

2. "Jake it's just like the gorilla outfit, and we can both walk the carpet together and not get yelled at"

and #1 one thing  Austin might have said on the Big Blue Carpet

 "You must be Megalodon ,  Hi! I'm Austin Don"