Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bearded Peaks

It's official it is scientifically proven that beards are out.

Wait wait - don't mix this beard with out.

Yes researchers at the University of New South Wales have recently shown that beards have hit their peak.

The study showed that men who sport facial hair become less attractive to women as beards become more fashionable.

The study asked "1,453 heterosexual or bisexual women to respond to 36 photos of men’s faces. They found that, when women saw hairy face after hairy face, they began to prefer clean-shaven men."

So the more beards out there the less attractive bearded men appear to women.

Jake is there a method to your madness?  Beard recruitment to make women less attractive to you? The more hipsters beard up, the less you have to deal with women?

Especially since Jakey was used as an example in not one but two article that appeared about this study.

Jake was the lead picture in an article from
Telegraph:  Jake "not as attractive when surrounded by other bearded men, apparently"

and his beard bun combo used as an example in New York Magazine's The Cut  who said put the study this way:

"Peak Beard. Peak Beard. It’s the Day After Tomorrow of facial hair!"

They captioned Jake's picture "Man-Bun Adjacent beard"

While the study said heterosexual and bisexual women didn't like them, they didn't say anything about bear loving fellas.

Hmmm... so that's your angle Jake?

In 3, 2, 1.... management runs to get clippers/hedge trimmers/scissors/an emergency all day appointment at The Art of The Shave for Jake.

Happy Passover!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gone to the Mountain Part 2

Unless the Panda Express counts, it looks like Austin hasn't left on his tweeted adventure yet.

And while Jake  seems to come down from the mountain, Austin has gone to one - a magic one.

Yup Mr. Austin was tweeted at Six Flags Magic Mountain

And what was he doing? Waiting for Superman (and no not the documentary).  He was in line for the roller coaster Superman: Escape from Krypton.

Ahh Austin....not sure how you and the biggest super hero in the DC Universe is going to go over with those Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Or is that the point?

Happy Passover

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passover leading Past

Since it is Passover it makes it a good time to revisit Austin's trip to Israel

OMG knows that Austin loves to travel, but Israel might have seemed like a less conventional travel choice for him.

 Many people travel to Israel for religious reason, since the city of Jerusalem plays a part in the story and traditions of three major religions.

But what was it for Austin?

And yes Austin soaked up the religion, the cultural, the history, the people,  everything he could but you wonder if there was more going to Israel.

And yes more than the mud. : )

It was also during that trip that Park East Day School retweeted Austin's sunset.

RASPEDS Park East Day School

Indeed! RT @AUS10NICHOLS Beautiful sunset in Israel. #aviiIsrael via @israelconsulate

Still have to wonder now why a small private Jewish academy in NY retweet a guy from LA?  Where's the connection?

Happy Passover


Monday, April 14, 2014

Ring Round up

Jake got out of the ring

 and went ringside to take in the Redux Pacquiao vs Bradley fight on Saturday night.


It looks like Jake is over with Everest but not over his man bun.

On Sunday Jake jetted back to LA

But on a private plane ? Au contraire mon frere

While many celebrities and Vegas whales (big gamblers) traveled to Vegas in private jets, Jake joined the masses and boarded a Southwest Airlines. Bet he sprung to make sure he was in the A group.

Looks like he's home for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays wishing a very Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

And if you need to know where the Afikomen is just ask Jake.

Happy Passover!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is an award-winning author of lesbian literature, both fiction and nonfiction. She is the cofounder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Today's Out Spotlight is Joan Nestle.

Joan Nestle ( May 12, 1940) was born and raised in Queens, New York. Her father died before she was born and she credits her mother with instilling in her “belief in a woman’s undeniable right to enjoy sex.”

In 1963, she graduated from Queens College. She soon became active in the African-American civil rights movement, taking part in the Selma to Montgomery march and helping with voter registration in the Southern states.

After earning a master’s degree from New York University, she return to teach at Queens College. In the late 1960’s, she became active in the New York City gay and lesbian bar scene. At the time the bars were run by organized crime and riddled with blackmail and extortion. After the Stonewall riots in 1969, she became a gay activist.

In 1973, Nestle helped launch the Gay Academic Union (GAU) to pursue gay liberation in academics. GAU members began to collect and preserve documents related to lesbian history. From this initiative, she helped found the Lesbian Herstory Archives in 1976.

Originally housed in the pantry of Nestle’s apartment, the Archives moved to its permanent home in Brooklyn. It is the oldest and largest lesbian collection in the world, housing more than 20,000 volumes, 12,000 photographs, and 200 special collections, among other artifacts and memorabilia. Since its inception, Nestle has played a vital role in amassing the collection and promoting it to the community.

In 1978, she began writing lesbian-themed fiction focused on the femme-butch relationship. She has won awards from the Lambda Literary Awards and the American Library Association. Her writings have been influential, and her anthology, “The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader” (1992), has become a staple in lesbian studies.

In 2002, Nestle’s life was made the subject of the documentary film “Hands on the Pulse.”

Currently she teaches at the University of Melbourne, in Australia, where she lives with her partner, Diane Otto.

The freedom to be sexually expressive, the freedom to be different, is a freedom for all of us.”

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We see you.

From the looks of it, it appears that Jake has finished up with Everest and had taken a left hook working on Southpaw.

Jake was in spotted in Floyd Mayweather's Las Vegas  gym with director Antoine Fuqua (r) and boxing coach Terry Claybon.

Claybon is the President and owner of LB4LB™ Boxing Gym, LB4LB™ Boxing Workout and LB4LB™ Boxing Promotions.  He has thirty-nine amateur fights and three Golden Glove Championships. He owns a five and zero professional record. He retired undefeated.

Claybon has trained many celebrities such as, Matt Damon,(The Bourne Identity series, and Invictus) and Denzel Washington, transforming him into famed boxer Ruben 'Hurricane' Carter.  He was also the boxing advisor/trainer/choreographer for The Hurricane, Carman:The Champion, Knockout, and the Human Stain.

It looks more than likely he will be working in similar capacities for Southpaw.

Jake's got a lot of work to do not to get only in the best shape he's ever been in to be physically convincing as boxer, but to change his instinct of being a rightie and become a natural leftie.

With Jake moving on to Southpaw, it does make  you wonder if the tweets about Jake and Harrison Ford working together could be for Southpaw instead of Everest.

Could Ford be cast as Jake's dad? Or an old boxing coach/mentor?

Don't think Jake's the only one that's had some time inside the ropes.

Austin's had his own time ring time.

 *"Peek-a-Boo is a boxing style where the hands are placed in front of the boxer's face, like in the babies game of the same name. It offers extra protection to the face and makes it easier to jab the opponent's face. Peek-a-Boo boxing was developed by legendary trainer Cus D'Amato."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Casual Fridays

Jake has his smocks

but  Austin is more of a sporty sweater (set?)* fella

A twitpic of Austin and a fan popped up this week with him in a spring short sleeve cardigan

Funny how Austin always seems so attentive in those with complete strangers yet with others...

*Hey Austy - did you get it at the Alfred Dunner shop at Macy's?