Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunday Night Supper Club

It totally came out of the blue.  I got a text Sunday from a long time friend that said,

"I'm in a restaurant in Koreatown, and you favorite actor is here"

Now my friend knows I'm a big Jake fan.  To the extent of the whole OMG thing - no,  but he knows I've been a fan for years.  He never texts or even mentions about the people he meets in the course of the production work he does so getting a text from him about Jake  I know is the real deal.

And then it began:

me: Wow. Who's he with?
him: Some guy
me: Tall curly hair great smile?
him: We're not hanging out together, K.  :)
him: He does have curly hair though.
him : From what I see.
me: That sounds like that's his boyfriend [I am not trying to explain the husband to via text] Austin Nichols who's on Ray Donovan and Walking Dead.

a couple minutes later
him: It is Nichols

There was no way for my friend to get a picture without being obnoxious, and obvious,  but the sighting reminds me back in the day when Jake and Austin would go out for Sunday Night Suppers at Jar.

And together in LA  -  Some things never change.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Good thoughts and prayers

Moms are special. The carry us for 9 months, bring us into this world and keep caring for us no matter how old we are.  They know what makes us smile, how to fix everything from skinned knees to broken hearts, and keep the family traditions.  They are referees, peacemakers, and our first teachers.  They take care of us, where we live, where we go and what we do. They never give up on us, and are always force of nature.  They are superheroes who never seem to tire or weaken. Moms are universal, we all had a mom.   Moms are special.

And some are bad asses.  Just ask Austin.

We've known for a long time how Austin feels about his mom.  How proud he is of her accomplishments, her fight, her strength.

It's now that becomes important.

Earlier today Austin tweeted this:

This is my beautiful family! Yall, my mom is battling cancer. We need your thoughts and prayers!!!

This isn't Kay's first battle with cancer.   She fought back and beat it before.  She has the fight and  the family to help her face it again.

This time Austin is asking for a little more help for the fight.

 Some times we need to step back and put aside the little things we find ourselves getting so focused on and look at the big things,  the universal things - things like moms.

Here's leaving all the stuff for a while and sending good thoughts, prayers and love Austin's and his families way.

Friday, June 26, 2015


No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family."

"In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their pleas is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfilment for themselves Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right."

What a historic day for the United States.  The last block of equality to fall.  Truly all are now equal.  Equal to love who they love and be recognize.

The response is overwhelming and was immediate from around the world. Talk about the lives of so many changing in an instant.

Many  headlines today started with Hollywood's response to marriage equality and shared the tweets of individuals celebrating this historic ruling.

But that is not Hollywood's response.  Those are individual responses.

The  real Hollywood response that needs to be seen is to stop this idea that leading stars and storylines must be straight.

Hello Hollywood look around..... the world is beyond the idea that the only way is straight.    Bring the equality to Hollywood  that the world is embracing.

The world is moving ahead of you .... catch up.

Speaking of catching up....

Today Sundance Channel had a poll of those LGTB movie couples that they would like to see married.   And what couple led the votes?

Oh you know it.

Brokeback broke barriers when it came to the screen. But it was ahead of time for many.

Looking back from there to now it is monumental how much change has happened.

Hollywood catch up and those in Hollywood you too  

The world is different place, those baby steps 

can become strides of pride  now.

you too big guy .... remember you tweeting this video

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Zig to Zag

Jake has been all over since the beginning of May - Vegas, Cannes, Italy, New York, DC, Los Angeles.  And has been rumored with so many different "dates" you need a score card and case of the zig zags. 

This weekend is no different.  Last night Jake picked up the Guy Con award at 2015 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, in LA, with his co-star Rachel presenting him the award for the second time he played a guy in trouble law.  This time he's not a surrogate father like in Brothers and it's boxing and not building that is the comeback.

 Tonight, it's the Annual Tony Awards, and no doubt Jake winged his way back to NYC for the festivities even if he missed out on being nominated for Constellations. No doubt he will be there to support his co-star, of the two person play, Ruth who is nominated for best actress.   That's what you do for the co-star/sister/rumor date/random rumored kisser,  right?

Wait - are we talking Ruth or Rachel?

 That's enough confuse the public, (or is that the point there buddy)

Anyway,  maybe you should just do what you did back in 2013 Jake, when you Spiked and Tony'd it then. 

Make The Tony's a guys night again. Hey can still do the co-star thing, just bring that long-time cutie co-star you were with in Italy, and no we don't mean Ms. Greta.

These are not the horns  I hook at home.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Austin

Happy Birthday Austin!

When a man becomes a certain age he may notice a few changes happening.

He suddenly has hair were it wasn't before.

He starts to fill out

And starts to get confuse on the dates of things in his diary.
11h11 hours ago
Headed to NY for the

But hey - wasn't the premiere of your movie last Friday?

You know when you mom and dad went to it as part of the executive producing team?  

And hey - is old age causing you to spelling your name differently on twitter or were there too many hits to OMG when they searched AUS10?

But all in all Austy you holding up well.. and this back five of thirty should be a breeze.

And better when you share it with the right one. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

Which SNL skit could be the theme for this year Spring Break?

Let's see last weekend Jake got snapped in San Francisco.

And Austin got instagrammed spear fishing with his writing partner Ivan in Mailbu's Broad Beach this weekend.

It would have to be The Californians 


 Jake and Austin on the same side of the country?  In the same state?  You'd think there had been some kind of holidays or something.  Wait.....

Picture This!   Another set of Jake & Austin pics to keep in circulation...

The smirky bedhead wearing my shirt inside out pictures.

Who whoo! said the owl

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spencer Already Hired?

Last Sunday Austin popped back up on the small screen, after there had be speculation about why Austin was at a cast wrap party for the big hit show The Walking Dead.

Meet Spencer Monroe.

In the comic, which the series is based on, Spencer is "first encountered in Issue 72 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is the son of Douglas and Regina Monroe and a resident living at the Alexandria Safe-Zone."

He grew up in Ohio, it "can be assumed that because of his father's high ranking government position, he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle (which resulted in him developing a spoiled demeanor)." (Haven't we seen this kind of Austin character before? TDAT, Wimbledon, House of Usher)

"He's considered very handsome by both Barbara and Olivia. Barbara speculates he could be homosexual like Aaron and Eric. Douglas has referred to Andrea that he and Regina stay together because of the kids (meaning Spencer)."

On the television show, nothing is known about Spencer's life before or after the outbreak started except he had been with his family in Ohio during the start of the outbreak. He is the only member from the Monroe family to stick to his comic counterpart. Douglas (his dad) is converted into Deanna, Regina (his mother) is converted to Reg, while Aiden is an original character made for the TV Series.

Spencer is mentioned by Deanna as the one who had placed the rifle upon the lookout in the clock tower. (That's a little Texasy there Austin) He is later seen at the party where he meets Sasha and tries to strike up conversation by talking about Mrs. Neudermyer and how she wants a pasta maker. However, Sasha turns him down and walks away. He witnesses Sasha snapping at Mrs. Neudermyer she is overwhelmed by everyone and the general atmosphere.

"Well if you wanna hang with me I'll make sure you don't get stuck with Mrs. Neudermyer. She really, really likes talking about how much she wants a pasta maker... It's not a conversation you want to have."
—Spencer to Sasha when she arrives at the party.

Austin's had some practice fighting Zombies - back as Julian on OTH.

How long will Spencer be around Walking Dead?

Well Austin has now tagged himself on his WhoSay account that he is an actor on The Walking Dead. (so it's more than a 1 and done kind of deal)

But more interestingly there was a story this week of a Walking Dead spinoff based on the West Coast (LA) premiering this summer. (NY Magazine)

Has that been what Austin's been doing besides tweeting?  Guess it's a wait and see.

And another Picture This!

Another set of pictures of Jake and Austin.  This time having a little workout time March 22, 2006.

Happy Austin Friday!